Sprinting Book


  The angles of this poster create depth and a very dynamic feel. There is a juxtaposition of modern and native American feel.


I am not even sure what it says but I know that this is beautiful to me. In design  everything has to mean something. This may mean something but it may not spell it out for us. It is contemporary in the way that the beauty of the layering and colors takes over and it doesn’t have to be the correct type terminology. The layering and mish mash of repeated letters looks effortless and planned at the same time.

Molly Feole (MollyFeole) on Pinterest.

Although the Internet is very important to me and is always going to be an important tool, it can overwhelm me to the fullest. I like the limitations to the text that is presented to me in the National Geographic or Interview magazine. I am forced to read something that I usually wouldn’t choose to read on the Internet. Reading articles online easily leads me into repetitive, endless clicking of different links and then ending up on HULU and letting a video take over.


Since September I have not had the Internet in my apartment and I can honestly say that it has been the hardest thing to not have within reach. Not especially for leisurely activities but to keep up with school and to feel like a normal human being. Yes, the Internet is highly important for print media, but don’t we all like the sight of a magazine mixed up in our collection of bills and bank statements in our mail?


For magazines like The Atlantic and Vanity Fair Italy to update their websites, they are acting as a reminder to their viewers that they are still “alive.” The action of logging in to your favorite magazine’s website is to make us feel like we are participating and are apart of a social network. Besides how awesome and convenient it is, it kind of makes me feel like a child needing to be rewarded after every good thing I do. When you grow up to be an adult, you don’t need a reward for simply reading the newspaper, or maybe you do? If a blog helps a magazines up keep then that is great. I believe that print is not dead because there will always be those people who like the feel of that physical page to turn, rewarding you with satisfaction.